Repetitive Advertising-Why it pays. A true story.

Repetitive advertising and integrated marketing for small business
Why it pays.  A true story

If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure you know the anxiety of facing a household emergency in which you need an expert  – a plumber, electrician or in my case a drain and sewer company following a backed up sewer from a cracked and root infested sewer pipe.  What to do? Who to call?
Fortunately, there is one company in the GTA that is easy to remember and has the service to back it up.  They are a regular advertiser on 680 news using vivid sound effects of gurgling water to a baby giggling.  They have created a strong brand identity to match – “look for the baby on the side” (of our trucks).  Even the company name stands out from the usual plumbing company names you see using forgettable initials.  To further differentiate itself, the company also has a story behind its name. “ We are New Canadians working hard as proud Canadians to promote the growth of our business”.

In the midst of my emergency, recall was instant.  For many many years, I’ve heard their radio ads and seen their trucks on the road—silently hoping, I would never have to call them.
Well the inevitable happened—and now they are outside digging to find the “root” of my problem—the truck with the baby on the side is out front too for all to see and take note.
Nothing is as impactful as repetitive advertising backed by integrated marketing and communications. The more you see or hear something, the more likely you are to make it part of your household.
That’s why continual advertising to stay top of mind pays off.
Even for a small business or a plumbing company.
The name of the company is New Canadian Drain and Plumbing. I would also be pleased to provide a recommendation –another important word or mouth marketing strategy.

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