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MJW Communications has worked in a variety of sectors and for a diverse range of clients – including companies and organizations. Whether large or small, MJW brings seasoned expertise and experience to each project.

With every new project comes a new challenge. And with each unique challenge, a unique solution is required.

Here is a selection of these case studies:

Marketing Communications

Ugly Dukling Using a big event to market a retailer

Case Study: February 2016 the NBA All Stars came to Toronto. And along with it, a big opportunity for retailer Ugly Dukling that sells limited edition and exclusive lines of sneakers to get in on the action and on the media radar.

A perfect fit!

The retailer had just agreed to sell Dwyane Wade’s Way of Wade (WOW) NBA exclusive Sneaker line during the weekend. So what could be better than a shoe signing and sighting with the NBA Superstar? The media were primed, our social media team did advance and day of live updates while hundreds of fans lined up at the door in the early frosty morning.

Results: Company Instagram followers grew, media coverage ranged from Maclean’s Magazine to Top blog sites and everything in between. The retailer’s suppliers took renewed interest and the brand has upped its’ brand Q.

Rebranding Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. A year long public awareness campaign boosts awareness by 13%. Seneca gains attention of business and government leaders.

Case Study: Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is the largest college in Canada with over 100,000 students. To support a campus expansion program Seneca required stronger brand recognition within the business and government sectors and a higher profile within the media.

A year long campaign included: re-branding the college visual identity, re-positioning Seneca to reflect a global image, extensive use of media and themed corporate events. These efforts were supported by a print and outdoor image advertising campaign designed to introduce potential suppliers and other stakeholders to the company.

Results: Awareness of Seneca was boosted by 13% in target audiences.

Marketing a new product gets enthusiastic seal of approval from sales force

Case Study: One of Canada's largest training companies was looking to expand its product offerings by introducing a new product category. MJW Communications worked with the company to develop the company's new product positioning and key messages. New sales materials were created; compelling product information and messaging, plus a re-design, helped the company launch its' new services.

Results: The Company's new strategic positioning and messaging helped the business and sales force move forward confident with the new sales approach

BNN- Business News Network Audience ratings increased by 2%

Case Study: ROB TV, now BNN, Business Network News, a specialty TV channel devoted to reporting Canadian business news, was celebrating its 5th anniversary. MJW Communications was asked to review its marketing strategy and develop a marketing communications plan to boost ratings and increase market share.

A comprehensive marketing and communications plan, based on practical tactics to strengthen existing market relationships, combined with an outdoor billboard campaign and radio spots, helped boost audience and advertiser interest. A 5th anniversary bash held at the TSX Exchange for ‘Bay Streeters’ and sponsors, underscored the success and growth of ROB TV from a fledgling specialty channel into a permanent and successful fixture in the television and business community.

Results: Audience ratings increased by 2%

Media & Public Relations

Record media coverage sets STAPLES apart from its competitors

Case Study: Back to School Campaigns: MJW Communications was asked to build product awareness and enhance the company's corporate image during this critical sales period. Developing solid story angles with Canada wide appeal, creating print and video advertorials plus rigorous media outreach set Staples apart from its competitors.

Results: Campaign achieved over 12 million impressions of national media coverage-a record high in daily and community newspapers including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star & National Post and broadcast media.

Building corporate profile nets results for priszm brandz- owner of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell in Canada

Case Study: The largest owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants in Canada, was eager to quickly build its image as an energetic and successful company, to strengthen its credibility with suppliers and within the Canadian and American financial communities.

MJW Communications developed a corporate communications strategy focusing on the company's senior leadership, namely its President. Favourable media coverage in mainstream and trade media helped build an impressive record of positive coverage and awareness. Meet and greet events designed to introduce potential suppliers and other stakeholders to the company also helped quickly launch the company.

Results: Company went public as income trust in 2004 received positive coverage in business media and support in the business and investment community.

Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell & priszm brandz
A jet propelled national campaign and employee fundraiser raises company corporate social responsibility profile & brings employees together

Case Study: MJW Communications was asked to work with the priszm’s PR department to create a national fundraiser to encourage customers and employees to contribute to the brand’s charity of choice, The Children's Wish Foundation. A secondary goal was to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

All 740 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell stores sought donations from customers and priszm's 16,000 employees. Employees who contributed the most won a one-day cross-Canada trip aboard the company plane that landed in key cities and store locations as part of a high profile fundraising media blitz.

Meanwhile, back at the company's main campus, a carnival midway of games for employees, their families and local businesses netted a fun day for all, while raising over $1,000 selling—what else— Pizza Hut's finest.

Results: Campaign raised $158,000, boosted employee morale and raised awareness of priszm’s commitment to community.

New On-line e-training program builds awareness for new product and gives company client a boost

Case Study: Metrick Entertainment wanted to increase sales and build awareness for its new web-based on-line training program. MJW Communications linked Metrick with one of its clients, Extreme Pita, to create and sell a story about how the new on-line system helps companies improve employee performance without the high cost of on-site training. The story that ran in the Business Section of the Toronto Star carried the company's key messages, along with a full colour photo taken in an Extreme Pita outlet, adding value and impact; a win-win for both companies.

Results: Third party endorsement through the media enhanced company credibility while raising the profile of its client. A win-win.

Editorial & Copy Writing

Financial Services - Messaging & Marketing hits the mark

Case Study: A mid-sized financial services group looking to differentiate itself in the competitive high net worth retirement market looked to MJW Communications to help reposition the company. Key to the development of a marketing strategy was to develop a deep understanding of their clientele, the marketplace and the competition before creating a marketing strategy, messaging and marketing materials.


Creating company tag line, collateral materials and website helps company explain its' value proposition and increase its' client base

Case Study: The main focus for this company was educating the business community and prospective clients about the financial benefits of making their legacy count using a little known financial instrument. By distilling complex financial information and creating compelling copy, MJW Communications was able to highlight the company's value proposition and main sales features that resonated with target markets.

Results: Company is thriving and has expanded its services.

Training Company's new sales material gets enthusiastic seal of approval from sales force

Case Study: One of Canada's largest training companies was looking to expand its product offerings in another product category. MJW Communications worked with the company to develop the company's new product positioning, differentiators and key messages. From there, new sales materials were written, infused with the new positioning, compelling product information and a re-design.

Results: The company's new strategic positioning and messaging helps the business and sales force to move forward confident with the new sales approach.